Stranger Room Box Bag(Wine/Black/ Ivory)

JW PEI 小眾包款

- 純素皮革

Fancy Rosy

Tory Burch 

FLEMING SOFT CONVERTIBLE SHOULDER BAG - I loved the bigger size as I can put everything inside. And it is a shoulder bag AND a crossbody bag. It is not expensive, but I have to save money 💰
Carousell  - HK$1400

Christian Dior

DIORTRAVEL BACKPACK - omg I love this one so much... It is HK$18000 and I found one in carousell is HK$8000

MEDIUM DIOR CARO BAG -It was $35,000 in 2021, I loved it because of the Macrocannage pattern and it is so cozy to where it. It is also similar to the one above from tory burch. However, it is DIOR! I adored this bag and willing to buy it!